Camp Is Coming… Sign Up Now!

A huge thank-you to all who have volunteered to serve at camp! We have enough. (Though we still might need a few more volunteers if we get quite a few more campers… so if you were thinking of applying to volunteer and haven’t done so yet, please do so!) It looks like it’s going to be a great camp!

We also have quite a few campers signed up already… but don’t worry if you haven’t applied yet. There’s still room! Still, space is limited, so, if you haven’t signed up yet, sign up today!

Info Meeting June 4th (or Register/Volunteer Now)!

An information meeting about volunteering for camp will be held

Saturday, June 4th at 4:00pm
at St. John of Shanghai Orthodox Church

Anyone interested in volunteering for camp – or even just learning more about our camp – is strongly encouraged to attend.

Camper Registration is open here:

Apply to be a volunteer here:

Camp 2016: Volunteer Now!

As Great Lent draws to a close and we are considering how we can best use the gifts and talents and time that God has given us to best serve Him and His children, please consider volunteering to serve His children at camp this summer.

You can apply to be a volunteer for Camp 2016 here:

If you do apply, thank you! We will respond to the applications we receive as soon as possible. Please also review our Camp Staff pages to learn more about what will happen and what is expected and what is needed to volunteer for camp.

And, if you are a camper or a parent of a camper, our 2016 Camper Registration pages are also open already. Save money and apply now!

Camp 2016: We have a date!

Dates for All Saints Camp 2016 have been confirmed! We’re planning on

July 19-24, 2016

at our usual location, Seven Springs Ranch in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island. (Staff should plan to come one day earlier: July 18-24.)

This is a bit later in July than normal, but will allow those on the Julian Calendar to enjoy camp outside of the Apostle’s Fast as well.

We Made It!

In my haste to get the good news out by e-mail, I forgot to get the good news out by blog-post too… Let me fix that.

We made it!

On Sunday evening, when I counted up the number of camper registrations, they came to 34 – four more than the minimum we set for going ahead with camp! And, not only do we have enough campers, we have also been blessed with a full complement of staff. It’s gonna be great!

I should also mention that we still have space for more campers – so if you know anyone out there who would be interested in signing up, please get them to sign up too. The more, the merrier! And, as always, keep our camp in your prayers.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin.

Countdown! More than half-way there…

Remember, we need thirty (30) campers signed up by June 7th.

Well, June 7th is coming soon, but I’m pleased to report that we are getting close! 18 registrations so far… Spread the word! If you know kids who are interested in (or planning on) going to camp, let them know that they have four days left to save $30 (per kid!) and help ensure camp goes forward!

Register NOW! (And volunteer now…)

Hooray! It’s finally time to get your parents to register you for camp! (or, if you’re a parent, it’s finally time to register your kids for camp!)

The new registration form, along with all the other info you need to know and/or provide to register for camp, can be found here:

As always, and as we noted when we asked for volunteers, camp cannot proceed without you! One of the most important things we work hard to ensure every year is that we have the volunteers and the campers we need to ensure that camp is a safe and fun experience for everyone. As you can see in the live table in the volunteer post below, we’re doing pretty well with volunteers so far, but we still need a few more (especially young men to serve as counselors) to sign up by the end of this month. Also, camp is no fun without campers, so we need at least thirty (30!) of you to sign up by June 7th!

The good news is that we’ve also extended the early registration deadline to June 7th, so if you (and all your friends!) sign up for camp by the 7th, you (and all your friends!) will save $30 each!

So… TELL EVERYONE! Get the word out to all your friends and family that we need them to sign up for camp NOW. And if you know any amazing, responsible, dedicated young Orthodox men and women whom you’d love to see at camp, talk them into volunteering NOW.

I’m looking forward to hanging out around the campfire, telling stories to and singing songs with you all!

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin.