Register NOW! (And volunteer now…)

Hooray! It’s finally time to get your parents to register you for camp! (or, if you’re a parent, it’s finally time to register your kids for camp!)

The new registration form, along with all the other info you need to know and/or provide to register for camp, can be found here:

As always, and as we noted when we asked for volunteers, camp cannot proceed without you! One of the most important things we work hard to ensure every year is that we have the volunteers and the campers we need to ensure that camp is a safe and fun experience for everyone. As you can see in the live table in the volunteer post below, we’re doing pretty well with volunteers so far, but we still need a few more (especially young men to serve as counselors) to sign up by the end of this month. Also, camp is no fun without campers, so we need at least thirty (30!) of you to sign up by June 7th!

The good news is that we’ve also extended the early registration deadline to June 7th, so if you (and all your friends!) sign up for camp by the 7th, you (and all your friends!) will save $30 each!

So… TELL EVERYONE! Get the word out to all your friends and family that we need them to sign up for camp NOW. And if you know any amazing, responsible, dedicated young Orthodox men and women whom you’d love to see at camp, talk them into volunteering NOW.

I’m looking forward to hanging out around the campfire, telling stories to and singing songs with you all!

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin.

Volunteer Now!

I am pleased to announce that the new 2015 staff volunteer application form is NOW OPEN. I’ve tried to update all the links to point to the new form, but, in case there’s still one lurking around that points to the old form, you can always use the link here in this post to be sure that you’re getting to the new one. 🙂

If all goes well, we’ll be opening up the new camper registration form in mid-May.

We Need Volunteers

As always, camp cannot proceed without your help. Here’s the list of volunteer positions we need to fill. Since we’re just getting started with the post-Paschal process of pulling everything together, most of the positions are red right now, indicating that we still don’t have anyone committed to filling those positions. Hopefully that will change significantly at tonight’s Camp Volunteer/Information Meeting at St. John’s (6:30pm)! If you are willing and able to volunteer for one of these positions – or if you know someone who might be willing and able to volunteer, please let our camp directors know (director [at]!

Camp Info/Volunteer Meeting

Christ is risen!

It’s that time of year again… After Pascha and racing to get ready for camp!

Anyone interested in the camp, and especially in volunteering for this year’s camp is hereby invited to an informal informational volunteer meeting being held at St. John’s:

What? Camp Info/Volunteer Meeting
When? Tuesday, April 28th at 6:30pm
Where? St. John of Shanghai Orthodox Church (1967 Napier St., Vancouver)
Why? We need volunteers – and to get the word out that we’re working towards holding camp this year at Seven Springs again from July 7-12 (6-12 for volunteers)!

Camp Annual General Meeting Tomorrow!

Hello, everybody! It’s that time of year again… when all those interested in the camp get together to talk about how last year went and how we’re going to run the camp next year. In other words, the camp AGM (annual general meeting) is being held tomorrow at 7:00pm at St. John of Shanghai Orthodox Church (immediately after Vespers, which is at 6pm).

If you are at all interested in the camp and it’s future, you are strongly encouraged to come!

The Camp in Pictures… So Far!

Hello again, everybody!

Well, I’ve had a few responses so far to my call for camp photos. It’s an interesting selection! Revealing, perhaps, about what was most memorable for you at camp this year?

Here’s my favourite of the photos submitted so far… I had a lot of fun walking everyone through the whole of the Gospel story this year, starting with the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry and ending at Pentecost. I think we all enjoyed going through the stories  – at least I had quite a few come up to me and say that they liked them… However, every preacher and storyteller needs a picture like the one which follows to remind him of the importance of brevity! 🙂



I also received a some really beautiful shots… My two favourites are this one of some of the campers kayaking on the camp pond…



…and this one of the hike that the teens went on with Fr. Kaleeg and Andrew and Sasha:



This second picture reminds me that there are aspects of our camp that I don’t get to experience, of course, and that I’d love to hear from you campers and staff what your experience of camp was like. If you e-mail your favourite stories of camp to me at frjustin{at}allsaintscamp{dot}ca (replace the “{at}” and “{dot}” with “@” and “.”, of course!), I’d love to share some of the best ones with everybody right here on the camp website!

The last – but not the least! – thing that our first photo submissions reveal about what’s important to us about camp is simply the joy of all of us being together. Here’s one of our traditional everybody-in-their-camp-shirts-standing-together-on-the-front-steps-at-the-end-of-camp photos:



Good memories!

Keep the photos coming – and hopefully some fun stories too! Remember, if you want to share your best photos for use here on the site, you can do so simply by clicking on the link or the button below!

Note: Direct uploading has been disabled, as this feature was used to hack our camp website.  🙁  Instead, please send your pictures to frjustin {at}! (You know what to do with the “{at}”…)

Farewell… Until Next Year!

 Wow. What a rush! It’s hard to believe that this year’s camp has come and gone already. Hard to believe that it happened at all… The fact that it did was a miracle!

Many, many thanks are due to all who helped pull things together so wonderfully – and especially to all those who came to the rescue of camp at the last minute. Through all of your hard work, prayers, and perseverance, camp happened! And, last but not least, many thanks are also due to all of you campers and camper-parents. Without you, there would be no camp – and no reason to have camp, for that matter!

So, until next year… which, if all goes according to plan, will happen July 8-13, if you’re wondering.

But, before we leave… I’d like to spend a little time here focussing on what happened at camp this year. It was our tenth anniversary, after all! Time for a little reflection. And here I need your help to make this reflective series of posts come to life…

Every year at camp there are lots of pictures taken – but usually not all that many taken by me. I’ve created an upload space where you can upload your pictures, and I’m going to ask for your best shots of various people, places, and events that showcase what happened this year at camp. So, you provide the photographs and I’ll tell the stories!

We’ll start with the trip to camp. Here’s one of my favourite shots of our ferry ride over:


Now you share some of yours! Use the link or the buttons below to submit them and I’ll feature the best ones in my next post.

Note: Direct uploading has been disabled, as this feature was used to hack our camp website.  🙁  Instead, please send your pictures to frjustin {at}! (You know what to do with the “{at}”…)