Camp 2013


All-Saints of North America Summer of 2013 – July 9th-14th

There has been a lot of fabulous planning for camp this year.  So many people have been working year round to make camp memorable…..activities, games, workshops!  Are you coming??!


We are looking for volunteers to be counselors and workshop leaders. We also need new camp cooks and kitchen crew!  If you are interested in volunteering please email the directors at: director{at}


Camp is open to all children ages 8 to 16. We have a separate program for the campers over the age of 14 to ensure that that they are engaged and that the teachings are age appropriate.

There has been no change to the cost of camp. If payment and registration is received before May 31, 2012 the cost is $340 per child. If payment and registration is received after June 1, 2012 the cost will be $370 per child.


The camp t-shirt design contest is underway!

All submissions for this year’s t-shirt design must be received by June 1st. The top 2 designs will receive a special prize at camp and both designs will be used during camp. The design must be no bigger than a regular piece of 8.5×11 paper.  The design should be simple with bold lines.

Please email designs to director{at}