Farewell… Until Next Year!

 Wow. What a rush! It’s hard to believe that this year’s camp has come and gone already. Hard to believe that it happened at all… The fact that it did was a miracle!

Many, many thanks are due to all who helped pull things together so wonderfully – and especially to all those who came to the rescue of camp at the last minute. Through all of your hard work, prayers, and perseverance, camp happened! And, last but not least, many thanks are also due to all of you campers and camper-parents. Without you, there would be no camp – and no reason to have camp, for that matter!

So, until next year… which, if all goes according to plan, will happen July 8-13, if you’re wondering.

But, before we leave… I’d like to spend a little time here focussing on what happened at camp this year. It was our tenth anniversary, after all! Time for a little reflection. And here I need your help to make this reflective series of posts come to life…

Every year at camp there are lots of pictures taken – but usually not all that many taken by me. I’ve created an upload space where you can upload your pictures, and I’m going to ask for your best shots of various people, places, and events that showcase what happened this year at camp. So, you provide the photographs and I’ll tell the stories!

We’ll start with the trip to camp. Here’s one of my favourite shots of our ferry ride over:


Now you share some of yours! Use the link or the buttons below to submit them and I’ll feature the best ones in my next post.

Note: Direct uploading has been disabled, as this feature was used to hack our camp website.  🙁  Instead, please send your pictures to frjustin {at} allsaintscamp.ca! (You know what to do with the “{at}”…)