About Us

Glory to Jesus Christ!

The purpose of this camp is simple: we just want the kids to get together and experience the FAITH, be enriched by the FELLOWSHIP, and have good plain FUN. The camp staff work very hard at providing this with the utmost SAFETY and care for the children.

How the kids experience the FAITH

Jesus Christ is at the centre of every activity we plan. Mornings are always spent in workshops, each of which is designed to introduce the children to the teaching and life of Jesus Christ, and to help the kids to apply that knowledge to life in the Church. Check out our Workshops section of the site for more information about them. However, the most important of the camp activities is the worship. Every cabin has a prayer corner and each morning and evening, the cabins say prayers together. Also, twice a day, the whole camp gathers to say a short matins and a short vespers, with bible readings for the day. Finally, the whole camp experience is capped off by the Divine Liturgy which is held on the last day of camp. In every case, the campers are encouraged to read, sing, and serve as far as they feel comfortable, and even some of the workshops are directly relatad to the services of the camp.

How the kids are enriched through FELLOWSHIP

Faith needs fellowship to become real. Youth without friends in the church will find it much harder to keep strong in their faith, and camp is the time when real friends are made and bonds are formed. Campfires, games, hiking, activities, meals, and so much more provide opportunities for the youth connect with the others around them and to grow together. The youth who go to camp often come back more interested in serving in their churches and closer to the friends they have in their own and in other communities. In short, the youth reinforce each other’s faith at camp.

How the kids have FUN

Kids just need an excuse to have fun, and we provide them with many: Games, wall climbing, swimming, archery, hiking, dances, singing, joking, canoing, and so much more. We have made sure that the kids have new and fun activities to enjoy. You have to admit, it is pretty hard not to have fun at camp.

How the kids are SAFE too

All the staff at our camp are dedicated to the safety of each camper, and every staff member must undergo a criminal record check. We ensure that there are two counselors for each cabin of children. There are two camp directors, one for the boys and one for the girls, who oversee the safe operations of the camp. In addition, all swimming and activities are attended by qualified lifeguards, personnel, and a full-time camp nurse. We care about these kids, and our first priority is looking after them.

There is no experience like church camp for our Orthodox Youth, and this year we look forward to our best camp ever. Go ahead and register online!