Staff Information

All Saints of North America Camp Staff Selection Criteria and Process

The Staff at All Saints of N.A Orthodox Youth Camp are held to a high level of accountability and responsibility. The following paragraphs describe the selection criteria utilized in selecting candidates for the Camp Staff. The Summer Camp Selection Committee includes Fr. Justin Hewlett, Lysa Falge, Phil Jordahl and Biss Jordahl. All staff must also be approved by their parish priest prior to attending camp.

Expectations for the behaviour of all candidates are clearly stated in the Staff Application. The expectations include BOTH during camp, and in life observations by the Camp Staff Selection Committee. The expectations are:

During camp:

1. Smoking and all forms of tobacco use are not permitted.

2. No possession or use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

3. All staff shall show respect for the dignity of all campers and staff by refraining from inappropriate language and/or physical contact, and any form of harassing behaviour.

4. No staff person shall violate cabin curfew unless excused by the Camp Priest or one of the directors.

5. No staff person shall leave the grounds unless authorized by the Camp Priest or one of the Directors. Time away from Camp duties will be given to staff, but planning by the Directors ensures that Camper-to-Staff ratios are maintained.

6. Each staff person will closely work with the Directors to make the program run as smoothly as possible.

7. Each staff person will abide by and teach according to the guidelines set forth by All Saints of North America Orthodox Youth Camp.

8. Each staff person will endeavour to incarnate, at all times, the love and the light of Jesus Christ.

In life:

9. Each staff member will actively pursue his or her spiritual growth through:

A. Regular and prompt attendance at the Divine Liturgy.

B. Regular participation in the sacramental life of the Church:

1. Confession at least once a year

2. Regular reception of Holy Communion

C. Commitment to continue their own education in the faith

D. Life in Christ on a daily basis

10. Each staff member will serve as a consistent Orthodox role model for our young people all year long.

11. Each Staff member will pray regularly for our youth ministry.

Staff selection criteria is outlined based upon the above and the following (not in priority order):

1) The applicant is a good role model.

2) The applicant demonstrates a level of maturity appropriate to the job description (Counsellor, Junior Counsellor, Support staff).

3) The applicant’s level of experience.

4) The applicant’s chemistry with their co-Counsellor: not every pair of adults work well together.

5) Parish representation within the BC Deanery.

6) The applicant’s commitment to attend meetings (if needed) and the attend for the entire week of camp.

7) Date of submitted application.