Staff Registration

Dear future (or current) staffer:

We rejoice that you want to make this commitment to be a part of our 11th annual summer camp! All Saints of North America’s camp directors and board have been busily preparing in order to insure a safe, spiritual and joyful experience.

If you are applying for the first time to be staff at our camp, please review the criteria that we use when choosing our staff by clicking here.

If you are wondering what we expect from our staff at camp, check out this link for the answers.

Of course, camp is fun, but it is our responsibility to ensure that it is safe too, which is why we have to make sure that all staff have criminal record checks and other documentation. So, after filling out the application below, go ahead and get that check done. After your file has been processed, one of the Camp Directors will contact you to let you know more.

Go ahead and apply! We can’t wait to have fun with you this summer. Glory to God!

Please READ the following information BEFORE completing this form and sending all required information.


Camp Staff Volunteer Application Form


Besides completing the above form, you will also need to supply…

1. Criminal Record Check

As required by OCA policy, the camp needs you to obtain a “vulnerable sector” criminal record check (CRC) and have it sent to us before camp begins. Instructions for doing this can be found here.

If you provide the authorities with a copy of our letter attesting that you will be an unpaid volunteer at camp (available here), some or all of the fees may be waived. If the authorities still require fees that would make obtaining a CRC prohibitive, please e-mail our directors (director [at] to see if the camp will be able to assist with or cover the cost of your CRC.

Please have your VS CRC sent to:
Fr. Justin Hewlett, Camp Priest
All Saints of North America Orthodox Camp
1967 Napier Street
Vancouver, BC  V5L 2N6

2. Acknowledgement that you have read the OCA’s PSP on Sexual Misconduct

Also required by OCA policy for all volunteers, all staff volunteering at All Saints of North America Orthodox Camp are required to read the Policies, Standards, and Procedures of the Orthodox Church in America on Sexual Misconduct, and to sign an acknowledgement attesting to such. Admittedly, this makes for good (or not-so-good) bedtime reading material, but it is important to be aware of how you are expected to conduct yourself as a volunteer and to be prepared in the unlikely event that something goes seriously wrong. You should also obtain a copy of and review the OCA’s Procedures for Reporting Sexual Misconduct (referred to in the acknowledgement), available here.

The letter you need to sign acknowledging all this can be found here: PSP acknowledgement letter

3. Driver’s Abstract

Finally, as is also required by OCA policy regarding volunteers who will be responsible for driving youth, all staff volunteering at All Saints of North America Orthodox Camp that may be required to transport youth during the course of their camp duties are required to produce a recent driving record, in the form of a government-issued Driver’s Abstract. The Abstract can be obtained from ICBC free of charge, here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.