Job Descriptions

Here are some of the responsibilities required of specific volunteer positions. This list is provided to give volunteers an idea of what may be expected of them at camp.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the duties, responsibilities, and expectations.


All Staff Members:

  • Must attend the daily prayer services unless their position requires them to be elsewhere.
  • Must attend a Staff Orientation Meeting prior to the beginning of camp.
  • Will help maintain the safety and cleanliness of the grounds.

The counsellor’s job is not an easy one…but it is VERY rewarding!

  • You will be responsible for a group of up to 7 campers in your “cabin” (There will be 2 counsellors for cabins with younger children). Unless your campers are under the direct supervision of a Workshop Leader during Workshop time, gone swimming, or you are on a designated break time while others oversee your campers, you are responsible for their safety and well-being.
  • You will ensure that your campers are under the supervision of a camp staff member at all times.
  • You will oversee daily routines for campers including dining, sleeping, participating in activities, and issues of personal hygiene.
  • You will build relationships with your campers.
  • You will participate actively in camp activites, not only ensuring that campers enjoy themselves but also learn about and have the opportunity to deepen their faith.
  • You will attend morning counsellor / staff meetings.
  • If placed with the Teen Program, you may also attend off-site activities such as trips to the beach, hikes, tenting, and Monkido.  (Please specify on your application if you are interested in working with the teens.)
  • You will follow the instructions and guidance of the Camp Directors.


  • You will oversee the musical portion of the daily prayer services, following the guidance of the Priest who is serving.
  • consult with camp priest prior to camp
  • review music/service books prior to camp
  • direct/sing cabin blessings on first day
  • direct/lead daily services (morning prayers, evening prayers)
  • coordinate campers to read for daily services
  • lead/sing prayer at all the meals
  • direct/lead Great Vespers & Divine Liturgy
  • coordinate campers to read for Great Vespers & Divine Liturgy
  • prepare readings for daily services & Great Vespers/Divine Liturgy (consult with camp priest as he may prepare these)

KITCHEN: Prepping Crew Job Description (1-2 persons)

  • The day of arrival, an initial clean up of the kitchen is recommended. This serves the dual purpose of helping staff familiarize themselves with the layout.
  • You should arrive one day in advance to set up and unpack
  • Please make sure to have adequate supply of such things as serving bowls, sharp knives, ladles etc.
  • It is important to study the menu, and work as a team with the cooks and cleaning crew.
  • You are responsible for putting on the coffee in the morning just before the counselors’ meeting. Please fill in all 2 thermoses. Refill as needed.
  • Your main responsibility is to help the cooks with breakfast, lunch and dinner preparations
  • The cleaning crew will come 30 min before breakfast, lunch and dinner. At this time, you should provide instructions on setting the table and serving food as needed. You are welcome to help where needed.
  • Shortly after serving food, it is up to you to check with the cook as to whether you may be excused for a break, and when prep work on the following meal will begin.

KITCHEN: Clean-Up Crew Job Description (2-3 persons)

  • You will arrive one day in advance so that you have time to familiarize yourself with kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Make sure you are familiar with how to work the washing machine
  • Prepare dirty dishes for cleaning
  • Dry and shelve the dishes
  • Ensure that you have adequate supplies (such as sponges, dish soap, SOS, dish cloths, kitchen towels, laundry detergent etc.)
  • Come 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner to set the tables.Please coordinate this with the cooks and prep crew
  • Please establish a routine for campers and staff as to where to place cutlery/plates/cups, and how to scrape leftovers off plate. This will ensure less work for you and less confusion for the campers as the week progresses.
  • After every meal, you will clean the dirty dishes, pans and kitchen utensils. When the kitchen is clean (dishwasher is unloaded, counters are clean etc) you may enjoy your free time. Make sure to inform the cooks or a prep crew member that you are taking your break.
  • At the end of the day, you will sweep the floors in the kitchen, wipe them clean, take out the garbage and insert new garbage bags
  • As the water dispenser gets wet, you may need to place a sponge towel around it to minimize the mess
  • After dinner, please wash the dirty kitchen towels and dish cloths in the washer. Stack them neatly to be used the following day.


  • Participate actively in compiling the menu and shopping for the ingredients before camp.
  • Arrive at camp on July 7 to provide food for staff who are there early to set up.
  • At camp, you will be responsible to make sure that food is prepared in a safe, healthy, and timely manner. You will also be responsible to make sure that enough food is prepared so that the campers, who are very active throughout the day, are well-fed and do not go hungry.
  • Meals are served 3 times a day; evening snacks are also served.


  • You will oversee the medical needs of anyone at camp in need of aid.
  • You will administer First Aid Treatment as necessary.
  • You will administer any necessary prescription medications.
  • You will be aware of and comply with all medical needs of campers as outlined on their Health History Form.
  • You will inform the Camp Directors if supplies are diminishing and need replacement.


  • You must be a certified Lifeguard.
  • You will oversee campers’ safety when they are near waterways, ponds, swimming holes, etc.
  • You will administer life-saving techniques as necessary.
  • You may be asked to participate in other camp activities as needed.


  • During workshop hours (about 2.5 hours each morning), you will oversee the safety of the campers in your care, and provide educational and enjoyable workshop lessons for the duration of the workshop time.
  • You will be responsible for the purchase, acquisition, and preparation of all necessary workshop materials, keeping within the budget provided for you.
  • You will come to your workshop prepared, and ensure proper clean-up at the end of the workshop time.
  • Outside of workshop hours, you may be asked to participate in other camp activities, such as swimming,
  • You may be required to attend the counsellors’ meeting in the morning.

All staff positions are unpaid.