Camp is one month away!

Greetings to all friends of All Saints of North America Orthodox Youth Camp!

It’s just over a month to Camp!!!

We have nearly 60 campers in place and close to a full staff!  We still need a few more leaders in specific places, primarily male counselors.  Aside from campers and staff we also need ‘a village’ to raise this camp.

We have decided to break down a few of the needs for this year’s camp and invite people to take on a project that is both meaningful and affordable.  Unfortunately, donations to camp are not tax deductible, as we are not a legal charity, but that said it is a great cause! This year’s theme is ‘It is Not About Stuff,’ our goal is to Glorify God and give the kids who come a week to remember.  Here is what we need to make 2018 a fantastic summer!

It’s about the Kids!

  • Sponsor a camper (camp is expensive, and every year some kids can’t come due to finances)
    • This donation will be an anonymous, in that the donor will not know who gets their sponsorship, and the camper will not know who gave it.
    • 50% of camp costs at $185 / 25 % of camp costs at $95

Some stuff, although not the most important, helps camp work

  • Camp service books (costs of printing new books, the previous ones were destroyed by mold in storage)
    • $600 (permanently bound, reusable year after year)
  • Camper prayer books (for campers to take home)
    • $200 (simple photocopy and bound with staples)
  • RubberMaid storage containers (we can store some stuff at camp, but it needs to be weatherproof)
    • $100
  • 1st Aid Supplies
    • $100
  • Chapel Lights (patio lights or white Christmas lights)
    • $100

Donations of Time and Skill

  • Curtains (the 12 cabins each have two windows, but no curtains, these would be permanently installed at the camp as a thank you to the camp for letting have camp at the facility)
    • Back window Dimensions 3’ X 2’, Door window 2’ X 3’
    • Curtain rod will be approx ½ inch (if willing to sew, please email us first to confirm details)
  • Curtain rods
    • Any design, wood, metal, just need to be durable and match a simple wood interior (nothing fancy please)
    • Also magnetic rods to support the door windows without needing to drill

Random Stuff you may already have

  • White Christmas Lights (or any string lights)
  • Icons of any Saints of North America

If you are able to help with any of these things, or have any questions please contact us at